Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Over Memorial Weekend we always go to Grandma and Grandpa Schafer's for a BBQ. It happened to be a very cool and very windy weekend. And Grandma is always prepared so all three grandkids were able to fly kites! They had a lot of fun and I think Dylan was the most successful in keeping his flying!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spiritual Uplift

My mom, Sam and I went to Susan's ward for their Standards Night to hear one of Susan's friends from Orem speak to the youth. Susan worded this evening so perfectly I would like to just send you to her blog to read more. We had a wonderful time and recommend her CDs to everyone! There are some amazing people out in this world! Thank you for the invite Susan!

Professional Family Picture

Over the incredibly busy weekend we made time for some pictures with Stacie. She did a wonderful job especially with what she had to work with! You can go here to view all of them if you'd like or to her blog to see just a few!

Rockies Game

Saturday night I wanted to hang out with Derek and Carlie and Marc was given 4 pretty sweet tickets to the Rockies game so we all went and then we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! We had a wonderful time! I was also very excited that Christina offered to baby sit and came to my house because my kids were so tired from the long weekend! Thanks Christina and Ella we owe you guys!

These pictures were taken with Derek's phone, did you all know you could email your pictures to yourself so you can download them? I learn something new everyday!
Good Luck with school you two! We had a ton of fun! Love having company that is easy to talk to!

Baby Caroline

Saturday May 17th baby Caroline finally came to be with her wonderful family! We were all so excited to see her and the next day we went to the hospital to see her!

Dylan was so excited to hold a tiny baby!
Kate finally showed some jealously when I held her! It made me feel good!
Poor Wendy was trying to nurse and this is the chaos in the room! People kept poking their heads in a took a second look with all the people!
Jeff catching up on the daily news.
Kids goofing around on the foot of Wendy's bed.
Kate's favorite game to play with grandpa
Oh how sweet tiny feet

happy mom and dad
We love you Caroline!

Late Mother's Day

This year I had Marc's family over for mother's day and Derek was going to be in town the following weekend so we decided to celebrate on the following Saturday. Christina invited us all over to her house for a brunch. The food and the company was wonderful! Christina caters and I think used to be a chef! We had yogurt parfaits, the best french toast ever, eggs, sausage and an egg and ham keish that was sooo yummy!

Christina loved my apron that Tracie gave me so i called the cutest store in Utah and got her one just in different colors!
My wonderful brothers had the idea to get mom a bike for mother's day. She got a new job and could ride her bike to one of the offices it is so close to the house. It is very cute pink with a basket of course! We love you Mom!

This is why we need a family picture- can't see Sean or Dylan!
Dylan and Ella sitting on Sean's scooter! Aren't they so cute?!

Audrey's Graduation

Wow this day sure brought back a lot of memories! I can not believe it has been 12 years, is that right since I graduated from high school. We are so proud of you Audrey! You need to keep going in the right direction and find out what makes you tick and go after it! Be a good girl, remember who you are and follow your dreams!
This is the only good picture of Audrey in her gown. She had to turn it in before she came out to meet us!
For Derek, Sean and my graduation Anna Hansen gave us leis. The girl (me) got a carnation lei and the boys got a money lei. So my gift to Audrey was a carnation lei. I was going to buy one but waited till the last minute and Susan told me that she knew how to make one. Thursday (the day before graduation) I was making phone calls to find enough carnations in the right colors and then I went to Susan's house to make it. I was very excited how it turned out and Susan just happened to have that ribbon and made a great bow! Thank you so much Susan!
Grandma and Papa Stone
Mom and Dad
Zack, Audrey and Nick
Miller Family
Yates Family
Tutu and Frank Thacker

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dylan Graduation

He did it- Dylan graduated from pre school! It was a very short but sweet ceremony and mixed feelings from mom. He had a wonderful year with Miss. Valerie and all his new friends! He had his whole outfit all planned out and Kate had a dress to match! Thank you Grandma and Pops!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crazy Night

We have just had the busiest weekend in a very long time and I have a ton of pictures and posts to write about but tonight topped everything! Marc and I were in the kitchen trying to finish eating the wonderful dinner of bean burritos, not my finest meal! The kids were outside playing with the dog when Dylan somehow went flying off his scooter into the grass bawling! Back track just a little bit. This morning they both had their 5 year and 15 month Dr. app. and they both received shots, so they were not in the best of moods today. Anyway he is screaming that he broke his ankle (just scuffed it up a bit). Marc carries him in and puts him in our bed. We continue to try and eat and he is just carrying on. So we both go in to talk and I come out a couple minutes later to check on Kate and Max and she has lifted some heavy rocks and is standing on the porch trying to drink an ant trap! The dog is licking what has dripped off the ground as well!

I scream for Marc, pick up Kate and go get poison controls number while washing her off! Turns out everyone should be fine it is more of a skin irritant so Everyone including the dog got a bath and I just finished mopping the floors to get all the sticky off that Marc and I tracked in! Whew- as Marc said this girl is going to cost us a fortune!

I am too tired to do the rest of my posts but will later! We have graduation, mother's day with my mom, and sweet baby Caroline finally came! I am off to indulge myself in the cheesecake we bought Saturday night after the Rockies game!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I have finally Updated

Ok I know how sad I get when I go to a blog and they have the same old thing up. SO I have finally caught myself up, with about 10 or 11 new posts! So keep scrolling down! LOL Heather

Great Photo Deal!

If you saw my family pictures and loved them the wonderful Stacie Ann Smith is having a Family Portrait Day you receive a sititng fee and an 8x10 for $30. This is an awesome deal so hurry up and sign up!

Happy Mother's Day!

I have so many women that I love and respect and wish I could acknowledge every single one and how they have touched my life! I love you all so much and appreciate everything you do for me and my family! I made Wendy and my Grandma aprons and gave them the wonderful Trader Joes washcloths! Thank you Anne so much for getting them for me!

We gave Marc's mom a Columbine and my mom's gift is going to be a surprise! We are going to do Mother's day next Saturday at Christina's house when Derek is in town! I had all the Schafer's over for dinner Sunday afternoon and we had a ton of fun! Audrey came over Saturday night and we watched a movie and fixed all the food from 9:30-12:30. I owe you big time Audrey when you have kids! You help me so much and all the time! It was very yummy I did Debbie's Mexican dishes, beef and bean enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, spanish rice with tomatoes, homemade guacamole, a cheesy squash and zucchini casserole and for dessert leftover birthday cake and angel food cake, with cool whip and strawberries.

Dylan the big 5 year old

Dylan's "real" birthday was Saturday and he got to have breakfast in bed, which he was so excited about! Go to another friends birthday party at Mr. Biggs we had a lot of fun and then off to grandmas and pops for birthday dinner and presents! The big surprise was a bike! He was so excited! I wanted to share a few things about my Dylan with everyone. He is the sweetest,most loving little boy! He had to give a talk Sunday in Primary and we were trying to find an example of something he has done wrong and the only thing he could come up with is that daddy doesn't like him to lock his bedroom door, which I think he has done once! He is very sensitive and looks out for his little sister all the time. His memory is amazing and can remember things from a year ago! The other night in the car we were talking about Aunt Wendy and where babies come out. He told me mom did you know some people have their babies come out their bum? I said yes how did you know that? I saw it on T.V. the only time I can thnk of wen he saw that was when I was pregnant with Kate I watched a Baby Story a lot. Any way we had a wonderful day and I love you so much my Dyl!

Oscar and Rex or Max
I thought Kate looked so cute but I could not get her to hold still long enough to get a good picture. She is obsessed with her tongue lately!