Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buck Up

Not a day goes by that I think...I should blog about this and you all know I have failed miserably....I have the excuse computer too slow... don't have good pictures... or have not downloaded them and don't feel like dealing with that, so into a list it goes for when I finally get around to it.  And then I feel like I can't just start because that would be weird right?!  NO IT WONT!  That's what I finally told myself tonight so here goes onto the REAL post.

We have a new pet.  Long story short we sold our house lived with my brother for 5 months bought new house did a ton of renovation and somewhere in there I promised my kids a new pet when we were settled.  So after lots of talking and research we decided on a bearded dragon.  My wonderful cousin Jon taught us all about them and hooked us up with one that is 3 1/2 years old and needed a new home.  We picked him up a couple weeks ago and he has become a wonderful addition to our family.

I had to work all day today and the new stay at home dad had the kids.  I called at 5 to say I was driving home and was informed they were outside with Rango letting him soak up some sun.  Got home 40 minutes later I could see all the people outside and asked where Rango was.  I was told they had put him back so I left it.  It is now 9:30 and we just had major drama!  Here is the timeline:
8:00 kids in bed
8:30 lights out
9:00 Dylan yelling Rango is not in his cage!  I had assumed sneaky Kate had him in bed with her so I head upstairs and Dylan goes running out the front door completely frantic!  The thoughts going through my head were not good.  Apparently Kate had taken him on the front porch swing and covered him with a pillow and forgot about him!  The poor thing is freezing, Dylan is bawling and Kate is fake crying just for effect.

Can you say Good Night!