Friday, May 15, 2009

Dylan 6th Birthday

We were so lucky to have Paige and Tracie visit us for Dylan's Birthday! Tracie was a life savor in helping me pull everything off!

Audrey came over and painted all the kids faces for Dylan. Originally we were just going to do tigers but some of the kids started requesting other animals and Audrey couldn't say no- they turned out AWESOME!

My cupcake obsession! Cute huh?! They look a lot like the pictures in Hello Cupcake!

Tiger Kate

Tiger Paige

Elephant Patrick

Cheetah Grant

Tiger Ella

Tiger Stella

Tiger Ben

Tiger Hannah

Cheetah Jenna

Tiger Calvin

Elephant Owen

Tiger Lilly

I think everyone had a wonderful time! They got the ears and tails to go with their faces and we did a craft and some games. Tracie made an awesome BINGO game with pictures of animals and we found the noise they make and made a CD for them to hear the noise and guess the animal. Thanks to everyone who came we love celebrating with all our friends and family!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My big 6 year old

Happy Birthday my sweet Dyl! He wanted an "animal" party so I took it and ran! We did an animal Safari party and Audrey came and painted all the kids faces. We gave them tails and ears to match! (More pictures to come, I have been a total slacker lately)! We used this picture of him in the invite- he said it was a little scary but not as scary as some of the others we picked as to not make anyone cry!

Dylan is very sweet, smart, loving, and athletic! He is so obedient, loves school and gets along with everyone in his class. He is an awesome big brother always helping Kate and including her in everything he does. He had field day at his school the other day and gave up some of his turns to let his sister have a turn without me saying anything! I love you so much Dylan and I am excited to have a fun summer with you! A wonderful mothers day having his birthday fall on it this year!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dylan Soccer Pictures

This is Dylans last time he gets to play with the Dragonflies. We are so sad to leave all these wonderful families of all his girl team mates! Next season we will have a new coach and be on a team of all boys.

I should of zoomed in a little more those pictures captured Dylan and the use of his tongue when he plays soccer. He loves playing defense and protecting the goal (they don't really play with goalies yet)

Grant and him had a huge collision- I can not believe I got it with my camera!

More of that Tongue!
He is so comfortable with Coach Jeff. I am placing a couple pictures to show how sweet my little boy is!