Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am still Here!!!!

I am so overwhelmed that I have not updated in sooooo long. This is my journal and I would like to print it after Christmas so just a heads up I am slowly trying to catch up! This post will stay at the top because I put things in order so just keep scrolling down (if you are interested)!

We are doing great just so extremely busy and any down time I have I have not been at the computer...

Cute things Dylan has said to me TODAY: mom why do girls like me sooo much? Oh maybe it is because I am so funny do you think so mom? and When I fell down trick or treating mom I started to cry and daddy said how about some candy so I had a piece and it totally made me feel better so I think whenever anyone gets hurt we should give them candy immediately!

Kate thinks she is a princess and I always catch her singing, dancing and checking herself out in the mirror! She has a very strong opinion about her clothing and hair and likes her schedule in the morning: up potty eat get dressed no being lazy for her!