Thursday, July 31, 2008

Derek's Graduation Present

My parents were asking Derek what he wanted for graduating and he said just a hug and a kiss and then smiled and said from Carley! So they called her and flew her out as his surprise! She hid in Audrey's room and I acted totally stressed so he would come help me. Right before his party we blind folded him, and I think he had a little bit of an idea they both had the biggest smiles I have ever seen and could not get rid of them! It was so cute and I got teary eyed! I am a sucker for LOVE!

Aren't they beautiful?!

Transformers on Colfax

Whenever we go to the zoo we drive by a tattoo parlor and on the side of their building in the alley they have a cool transformer drawing. I have always wanted to stop and take pictures of Dylan in front of these huge pictures! ( I know I am probably referring to them in the wrong way graffiti maybe?!) My photographer friend Stacie mentioned to me how fun it would be to go take pictures in new areas to find some cool areas and get a feel of them. So I got to pick first and this is where we ended up. Dylan was excited and got himself dressed because it was "his" photo shoot! It ended up not taking very long because he was running up some steps and tripped on a rug, while he was sobbing he said, "no more pictures mom!"

Here are some things that I love about my little Dylan:
1. he keeps using the word freakin whenever he is upset at me like mom the light is freakin green why aren't you not going? I have told him that freakin is probably not the nicest word and to remind mommy and daddy if we say it as well...
2. he is so curious about EVERYTHING!! how it works, why, can he try etc. leaving church on Sunday he was asking us if the back tires turned when we turned. After some discussion with Marc he came to understand the tires spin but the back axes does not actually turn.
3. he is so sweet with his little sister always looking out for her
4. he has a ton of energy and desperately needs school to start! I can not entertain him as well as i should
5. he loves to play games, board and card games with mom and baseball, soccer, chase anything more exciting with dad
6. he is experiencing so many emotions that he has not felt yet lately. Wanting to spend the night with friends but not wanting to leave mom where before he never even had a second thought! It is so hard for me I just want to wrap him up in my arms and not let him experience sadness!
7. he is turning into a fish! he loves the water and is doing so well this summer in the pool!
8. he loves taking things apart and putting them back together, so grandpa gave him the lawn mower engine and he has his own tool box with tools to do anything he wants

First Tomatoes of Summer

Here are the first tomatoes from our garden! I am so excited that something is actually growing! Dylan loves going out and picking them running in the house to the bathroom to wash them and popping them in his mouth!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The dad will play while his family is away

Marc has a fairly recent new hobby that lately he can't seem to get enough of, FISHING! While we were on our little road trip Kevin, Marc and Max made their own trip to Basalt. You get off in Glenwood Springs and head towards Aspen. It is about a 31/2 to 4 hour drive. They had a lot of fun for three days!

Derek Graduation

On Wednesday the 16th Marc dropped us off at my parent's house around 7am and we loaded up into a rental mini van with grandma, pops and Sam (Audrey was too busy in school) and left to start the long trek to Rexburg Idaho for Derek's Graduation! We made a few stops and did pretty good I thought! We had dinner in Jackson Wyoming (pretty neat town wish we could stayed a while) Thursday we checked out campus went swimming at the hotel and just relaxed. Friday we swam in the morning naps in the afternoon and Derek's graduation was at 6:30- about 8:30. The kids did pretty good Kate did not sleep so well and was extremely off schedule, but no big melt downs. Saturday we checked out got Derek out of his place and headed to Utah. Sam was going to EFY in Montana but he was meeting people in Utah. We stayed with Tracie and Paige and just relaxed and got to bed waaay to late. Sunday morning my family picked us up and we were off by 9:30. On the way home for most of the trip I got to ride with Derek and mom and dad took care of the kids. we had a fun time and we were really glad to be there for Derek. Now what is he going to do you ask? i do not know and I am not sure he knows, when he does I will pass it on! These guys were way to friendly for my liking. We are at a rest stop somewhere in Wyoming eating lunch and they sure wanted some!
Driving to Jackson we saw this Hawk- huge nest on top of a electrical pole I think.
Derek got the kids these tee shirts last year for them, so of course I needed a picture in front of a BYU Idaho sign. The sign was just beating on them. Notice the new temple in the background?

We are all so proud of you Derek!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah! Wendy was only going to do parties every other year, but she got talked out of it! I loved Hannah's party this year, it was a cooking party. She had six little girl friends and Ben and Dylan. Wendy made them all aprons and they made cupcakes, frosting. and homemade ice cream in baggies. We had a ton of fun! They took home a 2 cup measuring cup filled with their own spreader, washcloth cook book filled with the days recipes and candy! So cute!

Cute kids! They love each other so much! Notice the mark on Dylan's head that is from his injury yesterday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sprinkler time

It has been so incredibly hot lately that in the evenings when we are all a little cranky and tired but too early for bed I have turned the hose on and let the kids strip down and go crazy. Marc came out to see what all the commotion was and decided to join in... goofy boy no bathing suit for him he wanted to show Dylan he was trying to be just like him! They were having so much fun and Kate was squealing so loud! Right after this picture was taken Dylan decided he had enough and jumped off directly behind Marc. I did not even have time to open my mouth to warn Marc when he bonked into him and pushed him head first into the fence! Huge goose egg and cut immediately! Marc felt so bad!

Dancing in the rain! This boy has moves!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Schafer Family Picture

After we camp we always take a lovely family picture. All of us usually have hats on and feel so gross, so this year I voted to do one after the blessing since we were all there and looking good! I will post the camping one when I get it!

Baby Caroline's Blessing

It was so great to be able to have Caroline's blessing after the Schafer family reunion. A perfect ending to a perfect week! Everyone was there to support this special blessing to Chris, Wendy, Ben and Hannah! Congratulations you guys!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! We always start our day by heading to Marc's parent's cabin to have a bbq. It is behind Boulder near Wondervu. The cousins come and we have fun just hanging out playing games, (Laurel and I worked on her jewelry) and the kids love exploring the outdoors! We always do a family shot outside on the big rocks. Around 5 we pack up and head to Georgetown where we play on the playground go to some shops and get some delicious ice cream. At dark we sit in the baseball field with hardly anyone else and watch them shot the fireworks off the side of the mountain. We had a wonderful time!

All the love birds! above Craig and Laurel, below Kevin and Robin

I saw the side of this building near all the shops in Georgetown and had to take Kate's picture. I wanted to change the coloring in photoshop but can not figure out how to use this action I just bought. Grrrr maybe I will and can post later.

I thought she looked so dang cute for the fourth! But what do I know?!

Matthew and his mom

Quite comical, we always take a cousins picture on the fourth and probably waited a little too long (at least for Dylan) this was the closet you got to see his eye balls. I was getting so frustrated with him everyone was waiting and he was being so pouty!

This was after...
Miss Emmalee... so pretty thanks for posing, it was getting pretty dark