Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas! We love you all very much and hope to see or hear from you very soon! To everyone who sent us a card thank you very much- I absolutely love getting them and hearing all about your wonderful families!
Just a side note I have been playing catch up so I can publish my blog at the end of the year so if you are bored scroll through I put them in by date so keep going!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


For Christmas morning we were able to open presents, relax and have a big breakfast before heading out to Grandma and Grandpa Schafer's house. Dylan received a math puzzle, build a bear reindeer and cool hat, a robot crab, a remote control car that can go in water and on land, a cool soccer shirt that mom made for him, some board games and in the stocking under ware, bubble bath, phone,and car cup.
Kate received a new baby with a mimi (binky), a cradle handmade by Papa and a cool hat, bottles and baby things, her own back pack, princess little people and blankets for her baby.

Kate LOVED opening her presents. By the time we got to the Schafer's she just wanted to open everyones presents!
We also celebrated some overdue and early birthdays! Happy Birthday to Kevin Aunt Wendy, Grandpa and Me! The Taylors were not able to make it to Christmas because they were all sick!

Bandit and Max beat after the long holidays!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the Mugleston's. Everyone was there except Carly! We had the traditional Mexican dinner and lots of fun! Christina's parents were able to join us and we had lots of wonderful company! I made (with lots of help from Wendy and her mom) pj's for the kids. I only wanted to do pants for Dylan and found the cute Peanuts shirt from Target! We also got them croc slippers.

Kate received a new red outfit, a tutu with a cute shirt, headband with a flower,a princess chair and a stuffed bear.

Dylan got a hand held leapster, kung fu panda and a car chair.

All my wonderful siblings!

Notice Kate's Tutu underneath her pj's? We could not get it off of her!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Handmade

A box we painted and modge podge for Jenna, inside we placed all kinds of crafting supplies!

I can not take credit for this one, it was such a great deal on ETSY I do not think I could of made this for the price I paid. Little bag 2 diapers burp cloth and bib for Lilly's baby.

This was for Jared. He is into this book Wimpy Kid. This is my new favorite craft. Freezer paper painting. Thanks to Stacie who had us all over and gave us step by step instructions. I made one for Dylan with his silhouette kicking a soccer ball that turned out so cute!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Annual cutting down the Christmas Tree

This year we almost did not make it to Fraiser. We had all planned to go the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that morning Marc was checking weather conditions and it just did not seem like it would be fun so we postponed it until the next weekend. Well that whole week we hemmed and hawed whether we should waste another day and Friday night we decided it was not wasting but a fun family trip. It was not terribly cold and the kids sure had a great time!

Funny though Marc's parents were in a rush to continue driving on to Glenwood springs? to pick up a car for Kerrie. Hers was in an accident and the body was pretty bad this guy had her exact car with a good body bad inside so Dad was going to switch everything out for her. (I hope I did not butcher the story)! And Scott and Jane were in a rush to go to some festival in Georgetown so they were in a rush as well. Anyway we had just finally gotten our kids and ourselves bundled up and sent with the dads to start looking (Kate was famished so Wendy and I were hanging back feeding her) when here comes Dad with his tree already! That was it he threw it in the back of the truck and away they went! I just got a chuckle out of how fast he was!

Sweet baby Caroline! She was not going to get cold!
Here is our tree, do not be fooled there is a huge tree behind it making it look much fuller than it is. I could not get a good angle!

Sweet husband's bum and the handsome boys helping him saw and push it down.

We needed Chris's help- he joked right at 6 in huh Marc? ( that is the biggest around you can chop down and it was pretty close but it was the tree I liked so anything for his sweetie right)?

Best of buds! So glad we live close to family!

Beautiful Hannah!

Mischievous Kate!

All of us with our tree! Poor Max he legs were huge snowballs!

On our way down Marc and Dylan were determined to go sledding so we pulled off the highway where all the back country skiers ski and across the highway they went to go sledding! I was sitting on my window taking pictures- they were so far away so thank you Dad for my awesome lens it sure comes in handy when I am lazy and cold!

Poor Dylan just could not stay on!

Kate's obsession with blowing her nose- I finally had to hide the tissues!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hand Made...

This is either the first of many posts or the last depending on how my Christmas season goes. I have been hanging out with people that have been influencing me to do more hand made gifts so I am all geared up we will see how it goes.

This is the first a knitted cupcake turned into an ornament. I love how it turned out and it was fun bringing it to the RMOMS (my work) ornament exchange. Even though I was an hour late because I was finishing it! I always under estimate myself when doing all my little projects!

So hopefully soon to come: freezer paper tee shirts, a craft box, doll diaper bag, scrapbook for one of Marc's brothers, bedding for a doll cradle that my Papa is making for Kate, and last pj bottoms for all the boy and bigger girl cousins and nightgowns and matching ones for their dolls for all the little girls (with the help of Wendy and Marc's mom of course)! I am pretty sure that is it unless I get ambitious and want to drive my husband nuts!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lost tooth?!?!

Every night is something at our house! I was brushing Dylan's teeth tonight and saw something white in the sink, I thought wow I can not believe he still has a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth from a couple hours ago. I went back to do another round of brushing and this time his spit had blood in it. I started screaming, " Oh my Dylan look" and I pulled his teeny tiny tooth out of the sink and he took off running down the stairs to show his dad his very valuable treasure! I had tears in my eyes while he explained to all of us what happens when you loose a tooth. I asked him if he had noticed it was loose and he told us yes, why he chose not to share that info with us I do not know! I have been telling myself for about two months now that I need to find him a tooth fairy pillow but decided to look as soon as he had a loose tooth. Very sadly his little tooth is under his pillow in a ziplock! Any good ideas for the perfect tooth fairy pillow?

Love you so very much my sweet Dyl! You are growing up way to fast!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Night....

I have been a total slacker... My day today was so good! I woke up on time took Max for a run, got ready had the house picked up and was at Wendy's house by 10. Her mom was there to watch the kiddos and we shut ourselves in the office and sewed Christmas pants and nighties for our kiddos to open on Christmas eve. They are turning out so cute! Kate and I stopped by Tutu and Franks to say hi on our way home and got home by 4. We hung out did Dylan's homework ate dinner well some of us ate dinner Kate gets very impatient so she finished before we sat down so I stripped her down to be in her favorite state (no clothes). She came prancing into the kitchen in my new shoes ($15 at the nine west outlet!) and covered with blue marker. I immediately told her not to pee on my shoes and went to inspect where the marker came from. We had to rearrange the front room for the tree and there is a chair next to the phone console with a cup of pens. Kate climbed up and helped herself!

I know this is totally normal but Dylan never got into anything that wasn't his so I am learning! We did baths and Uncle Jeff came over to eat and take Marc to the Nuggets game. We baked cookies and I let the kids stay up late to watch a Christmas special on T.V. About half way through Kate had a melt down and I tried putting her to bed. Long story short at 8:15 I had two crying kids. One just too sad to tell me what was wrong (he said) and the other screaming at the top of her lungs at me. I decided to move Dylan to my bed where I found out he was crying because he was afraid of when he got old enough to move out that he does not want to live by himself (?!?!?!?) Where did that come from? I of course told him he never had to move out of Mommy and Daddy's house ever and he calmed down and went to bed.

Kate on the other hand is still carrying on in her crib. I rocked her for a minute and tried to lay her down. She was gripping me around the neck and putting her legs on the crib to try to stay out. Anyway, she went to bed in Dylan's bed like an angel! Happy Tuesday!

Daddy is going to have a lot of rearranging to do when he gets home!