Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cousins Preview

My darling cousin Anne and her wonderful family came to visit us for a week.  We had so much fun but the highlight for me was helping Anne make dresses for her girls and putting together outfits and taking their family pictures!  I am excited in how they turned out and want to share our favorite!  I just got a Mac computer a few months ago and haven't really gotten a chance to work with i photo so I hope this works!

Yeah!  It worked and was super easy!  Hopefully you will be hearing more from me!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On our way!

We have gotten up really early and made it to the airport with plenty of time! So far the only thing forgotten is my water bottle-not the end of the world! Can't wait to see the princesses at lunch!

-love h

Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Surprise

A week ago today Marc and I booked hotel and flight to take the kids to Disney Land! I really wanted to surprise them on the morning of but Marc wanted to let them have a few days of exicitment so we are going to tell them tomorrow morning Valentines Day!

I wrapped up some Disney shirts with notes inside. In Dylan's his note says we are going to... And Kate's days Disneyland!

They are going to freak! I also wrote a quote from Walt on our note board and we have a week calendar that I try to write one thing a day. The kids really like checking it so I updated that too.

-love h

Pinewood derby

We had the pinewood derby last week as well as the science fair all on the same night. It was tons of fun! Dylan did great at the science fair- what body part will grow more bacteria? Ears, nose, toes or mouth? Quite interesting!

He had so much fun at the derby even though his car didn't do so hot! We made the stands at scouts for all who participated I think they turned out so good! For snack we made cars out of twinkies and Oreos. They were a hit!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Rainbow Party!!!!

Our little Kate turned 5 on January 19th! I can not believe my baby is 5 I can't talk about it she is so old, therefore so is her mom! We had decided like way back in October that we were going to have a Rainbow Party! We had lots of fun ideas and I think Kate really enjoyed herself!

It was fun doing all the rainbow food. It took pretty much all day to make the cake and the individual jello cups. I got the glasses at Ikea and they got sent home with them in their goodie bags. We had a total of 12 kids participating in the party (9 girls and 3 boys) and a few other older siblings running around with Dylan.

We had also invited our babysitters Kylie and Macy to come help which was so nice to have extra hands! Macy did all of the girls nails rainbow colors and brought some cute American Girl nail stickers to put on.

We had a couple crafts making rainbows out of paper plates using paint and cotton balls. We only had a couple colors so we could talk about mixing and show the kids how to make different colors. Kate wanted to make bracelets and we modge podge colorful fabric to the little wooden dolls and they colored the hair, and faces. I think even the boys enjoyed themselves and they all got their nails painted too!

I about passed out blowing up the balloons for the rainbow banner! I totally copied Design Mom but about 1/4 of the size she did!
(A little blurry too much movement)!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Things we love about Kate!
1. She loves to help out around the house or with anything as long as she is with us!
2. She has such a wonderful imagination! I love listening to her play!
3. She has a creative ability of working in odd words she hears into her vocab ex. when she is mad yelling out "I am so fired up!" Where did she get that from Marc?
4. She is extremely honest in everything! Might be just her age but man she just says whatever she is thinking with out any hesitation.
5. She loves to sing and dance! She was so excited that she had ballet class on her birthday! Some favorite music these days are: Annie, Sound of Music, Wicked, anything from Glee and of course all the Disney Princess Movies

We love you so much Kate and we are incredibly thankful to have your sweet loving face with us everyday! You bring so many smiles to all around you!

I had made this dress before we went to Utah with the vision in my head of getting her pictures taken in Utah with all the great buildings painted in such fun colors! I also knew that if I did not have the picture before Christmas I would never get the invites out in time! So excited with how they turned out! I did them in my new Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and had them printed at Kinkos so I could get them the same day! On the left of the picture I sewed 3 layers of the party crepe paper and frayed them. Where do my children learn to pose?!