Friday, April 25, 2008

Gigi's Apparel

I found these hats online at Gigi's Apparel and fell in love! Kate just had to have a hat and a headband. Wendi (the owner) was so nice in helping me decide what flower I wanted and what sizes I should get for my child with the large head. The picture below is the boxes they were shipped in and inside were rose petals! I love all the cute details in the presentation!

We get so many compliments when we are out! I need to take pictures of her in her headband- just as cute!

Tutu Tees

So I found this website Tu for Tee and fell in love with the shirts they make! I forgot to look at them before I made mine so of course theirs is way cuter but I have 5 more to make so I will make the adjustments!

I am doing these for all of Dylan's girl friends for their birthdays this year. This one is for Ella I did a butterfly because we are going to the butterfly pavilion. Everyone else is getting cupcakes. I got all my iron ons here.

Darn Woodpecker!

Periodically we hear a thud thud thud on the house. It started at the end of last summer and it has returned. The lovely neighborhood Woodpecker. Today I could hear him destroy someone else's house so we went out to investigate and found him across the street and two houses down! That little guy is VERY loud! I took a few pictures of him and what he has down to the neighbors house. They are protected animals we found out after asking our old wise neighbor last year. He told us to put chicken wire on the part of the house he is banging on but it doesn't seem to matter. I always hear him pecking on the neighbors metal chimney! Any advice?!

Here is the damage he has done on one side of our house- grrrr the other morning I woke up to him outside my bedroom window doing the same thing on the opposite side! I run out and yell at him and he doesn't come back for a while after that but I am not home all the time!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wish We Were Floyd

Friday night we went out to dinner with Kevin and his new girlfriend Robin. We went to Undici's a wonderful Italian restaurant in our neighborhood and than off to the Gothic for a concert. I am not a big concert person and I kept telling Marc I do not own going out clothes any more! Girl drama right when I should be leaving to go pick up the baby sitter. Any way it was a fun evening and the band sounded just like Pink Floyd! Yes, I know who that is and I recognized every song they played for two and a half hours straight! It was a lot of fun going out but the next day I was so tired I fell asleep around nine and slept soundly! Party On!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday My Sweet!

Yes, tax day is Marc's Birthday! He turned 32 today! This year was especially fun for me, (kind of selfish sounding huh)? I have always loved birthdays but Marc does not get that into it, so this year Dylan really got it and had fun getting Daddy a present and making him a special dinner and baking him a cake! We had a good evening with uncle Steve and uncle Jeff.

I LOVE my husband so much! He is wonderful to me and our children. He has a great personality, always laughing and joking around with us and having fun!

Dylan picked out some flys for him and drew him a picture of he and Marc playing- it is so cute! I will take a picture and post later!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Week...

Kate has been attempting to walk since the middle of March, but today (Saturday) was the first day that she did not crawl hardly at all! She is very wobbly and pretty fast but has learned how to catch herself well and get right back up and try again! I have not been as good writing all her accomplishments down like I did for Dylan- it is going by so fast!

Thursday night we all went to Dylan's Kindergarten Round up. We met his teachers, other students, and registered him for kindergarten! He will start this fall and for now he is going to go 5 mornings a week. They offer full day but it costs $17 a day. I think that is kind of a lot for a stay at home mom so unless he begs I am not going to do it. He was very excited and a little nervous at first but that only lasted a few minutes before he was exploring and making new friends!

Friday night Marc went camping/fishing with Kevin for the weekend and we had Brett, Owen and Stella over for french toast, bacon and strawberries. Then we watched Shrek 3. It was fun hanging out with the kids and the movie was cute.

Dylan and I have been working on his birthday party plans! I thrive on this! We are having a chameleon party (I do not know where that came from) and the invitations are chameleons we made out of poster board (we painted with sponges green , blue, turquoise and purple) then the face is a picture of Dylan's face! Kind of cute I can not decide! We are going to glue it to a stick and put all the info on the back. My cousin Jon is going to bring all his amphibians over and I am trying to come up with a craft or some sort of cute party favor. Any ideas?

Marc's birthday is Tuesday so while he has been gone we have been shopping and planning his meal and trying to decide what dessert to make. He is so hard because he will eat it and like it but he really does not have anything he loves! I will let you know what we decide and how it turns out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am exhausted so off to bed!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Ballerina

When Kate woke up from her nap the other day she pointed at her tutu hanging on the wall and grunted at me. So I stuck it on her and whipped out my camera, messy face and all! She has had a runny nose lately and is very cross- nothing seems to make her happy!

This is a face I have seen a lot of lately. I thought a little snack would cheer her up!

She is searching for a cheerio!

I love it when she grabs her belly and makes that face!

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science

A cute story to share about sweet Jenna. When I was watching her and her brother and sister last week I overheard her and Dylan chatting in the kitchen. Of course I tuned in I love it when they get so serious with each other. Jenna was showing Dylan a magnet from the fridge telling him she got it the other day at the museum and put it in her pocket to bring it home. I did not think much about it but when Susan came home she noticed the magnet and was like where did this come from? I told her about the kids' conversation and she had a chat with Jenna. Apparently she swiped it! I was sort of listening to their conversation getting pointers on how Susan was explaining to Jenna that it is wrong to steal and couldn't help but chuckle to myself. If any of you know Jenna her favorite response is "I know". When you are talking to her it can be so frustrating because she does not know! Anyway Susan had Monday off and invited us to go to the museum real quick so Jenna could return her magnet. We joined them for an hour and met up with Stefi and her girls for another hour. We had lots of fun!

Jenna is obsessed with Mummies for some reason. We were in that tiny room for almost a whole hour. It was pretty interesting!

Dylan, Ellen and Jessie watching a movie about dinosaurs.

This is Dylan's favorite Dinosaur!

Kate was so tired with out an afternoon nap but she refuses to sleep anywhere! She kept laying her head down on the tray but wouldn't give it up! I finally left around 3 and she did not fall asleep in the car or her bed once we got home- crazy girl!
Stefi and he girls came over afterwards because their dad was out of town. It was fun having them over for dinner- they play so well together. Dylan and Jessie and Ellen plays with Kate!


Dylan is definitely at the age where he notices everything! Good and Bad! The other day the commercial came on with David Beckham and he draws a soccer ball on a golf ball, we watched the commercial and later in the day Dylan told me that he wanted to draw a soccer ball on a tiny ball. That Saturday Marc supplied him with everything her needed and he did it all on his own! Pretty good job I thought! I was a little surprised he did not ask for any kind of help! What a big boy!