Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dylan's and Kate's Room

Well it is supposed to be the day before Kate's party but I just called everyone and moved the party to next week. She has had a fever with a runny nose since Sunday and I just kept hoping she would get better! She also received her 1st year shots on Monday-four one in each arm and each leg! We have not left the house since then and I am not completely ready to do her party anyway so I guess it is a good thing we are moving it. I made the cupcakes yesterday and the meat for the tacos, so I put everything in the freezer. I love doing birthday parties and I know the first is really for me, an excuse to get things done around the house and make a yummy dinner for our friends and family!
We finished their room last September (I know i am totally jumping subjects sorry) and I have been meaning to post pictures so here they are!

Kate's bed I made a clothesline and hung two tiny outfits my grandma made for her and her home from the hospital outfit that my friend Tracie gave me. I copied the letters from The Land of Nod I love this store!
Dylan on his bed with name and his coveted cork board. He loves having a place to hang anything he wants! I made his bed spread and Aunt Wendy made a similar one for Kate that I just realized I do not have in any of my pictures so I will post later, usually it is over the rocker but Debbie borrowed it to show a friend. I love showing things off we have made!
I also made this bag to place her stuff animals in - Tiny room you have to get creative! I love this fabric Nursery rhyme tulle (I think that is how you spell it)
This is Dylan's area to get all his treasures: piggy bank, jewelry box he made at Jenna's birthday party inside a necklace he made at Hannah's party and other jewelry he has received,ctr ring, and a couple other necklaces, snow globe we made, a bug box, a lava lamp and cup of goo he made at Ben's party, wind up music box twinkle twinkle and a pair of glasses he made at school. And all atop his loved book collection!
This is Kate's area a doll that was mine given to me years ago from tutu my mom cleaned her up and gave her back when Kate was born, two knitted bowls that my friend Brenda made me one has bag balm and one has her little hair bows with the KY jelly bottle the tutu I bought to take her nine month pictures in, piggy bank, flowers that my uncle Pete and his family gave me and her music she has to have to fall asleep.
I hope I did not bore anyone I was not going to give so many details but thought it would be fun to remember!


Anne Hillstead said...

Cute room, makes me miss the place. We got the b-day card you was so fun to see her little face. Happy birthday our far away cousin!!

Heather said...

Thanks Anne! Hope all is going well with you guys!