Sunday, January 27, 2008


So I have a bad habit to admit I LOVE a late afternoon snack! It usually consists of cookies and milk, and I had a rule that they had to be homemade to save money and to maybe cut back on the amount of sugar I was consuming. As you can see I did not make those cookies- When I am desperate I will check to see if Oreos or Chips Ahoy are on sale and only then will I purchase. Anyway now that Dylan does not take a nap he looks forward to this afternoon ritual, as soon as I shut the door to Kate's room he is ready. SO we have not had Oreos for a long time and when I gave him his two he twisted them open and started scraping the filling out with his teeth. I asked where he learned that from because I am a serious dunker and he proceeded to tell me about his aunt Kerrie and cousins on News Years Day they had an Oreo eating contest. I was amazed at how much he remembered just by watching these girls eat their oreos!

First mom you have to open them and lick the centers clean, than you but it back together-but they cannot break and you dunk and drink!
The winner had to stick out their tongue when they were done!


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

What a freakin STUD! He is SUCH a cutie...going to be a heartbreaker for SURE!

Erin said...

i think a late afternoon snack could never be considered a bad habit. what a sweet ritual for you and dylan.