Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! On New Years Eve we went to the mall in the afternoon did a little shopping and had a late lunch at one of my favorites California Pizza Kitchen. That evening after Kate went to bed we played games with Dylan and made ice cream sundaes. We had lots of fun! Dylan and I went to bed around 10:30 and Marc rang in the New Year by himself, poor guy! Some of my New Year resolutions are:

* Have some sort of exercise incorporated into my live at least 3x a week
* Get back on my cleaning and meal schedule I was on before I had Kate-about time she is almost 1!
* I want to play with my kids more- I tend to read or play games with them more than pretend play
* Marc and I need to make more alone together- one date a month when we get a sitter
* Add updates to my blog more often so I can print it out at the end of the year and have a completed journal.

So the other day Dylan held up his hand and said, "see that mom? can you see that? I am getting hair on my hand so I must be getting really old!" I do not see any can you?

My moms friend Lori gave this dress to Kate when she was born and I just love it! She wore it to church so I had to get a picture- I did not realize she had ripped her bow out until it was too late! Cute girl! I think I have pictures of Dylan in all his outfits I have really been slacking with her. I think part of my problem is the more I learn about photography, snapshots are hard for me because the lighting in my house is so bad and I want them all to look perfect!
It is so fun having a girl! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so! Aunt Kerrie was dying to paint her toes on Christmas eve, I am totally shocked she stayed still and didn't smear them!

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Erin said...

Your kids are too cute. I'm jealous of your perfect snow. I want to hear more about your cooking/cleaning schedule. I really need a cleaning schedule.