Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Car Detectives

SO it is 10:40 pm Wednesday night and it is a bitter 7 degrees outside. Marc has been gone to his office since 6pm trying to figure out why his car won't start. I see lights out in the alley and bundle up to see if he needs help with anything, but lucky for me Kevin was with him and they have towed Marc's car home! This is the sight I see walking into the garage- Marc carrying a flashlight looking at the ground with Kevin following behind. As I look closer they are looking at a trail of fluid trying to figure out what is leaking! I wish so bad I had a camera in my head so I could capture every moment! They really want to get this car fixed so the crazy boys can go on a fishing trip this weekend and I can have MY car back. I am so lucky to have a talented husband who can fix ANYTHING! (And for all his brothers who are crazy enough to help so I do not have too!)

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