Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kate's 1st Birthday!

So yesterday was Kate's official birthday, we had dinner at grandmas house a couple presents and of course cake! She was a little un sure when we were singing to her, but once the candle was out and the paper was off she went right for it!

She loves to hold things like her blanket or stuffed animal or doll close to her and shake her body around making a hmmm noise to give loves and apparently she felt the cupcake deserved some!

You can see two of her four top teeth she has been working on the last couple weeks! She was happily showing her hands to her dad wanting him to get her out!

So as many of you know I become obsessed with birthdays and a theme, Kate's theme is cupcakes and I will do a whole post on what I have been working on later, but anyway I decided that she needed an old fashioned party dress and I wanted an apron to match for her birthday party this Friday. So yesterday I spent the afternoon into the evening at Debbie's house working on it. It turned out wonderful and I really have to give Deb the credit! I wouldn't of been able to do it with out her! Thank you again! I will post pictures later!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Kate! We [heart] you!

beautiful world said...

I can't believe she already a year old. Time flys!! Hope all is well.