Thursday, January 31, 2008

Decorating Excuses

I love having people over so I get things done that I have been dragging my feet on! We had these pictures taken in October and I received them in November and I am just now getting them on the wall! I also love having deadlines so I can do some deep cleaning that needs to be done. Tomorrow is Kate's party (more for me than anything!) and I love having friends and family over! I can not wait for a bigger house so I can have more parties! Anyway, I have taken pictures in sections and than one all together. Thank you Wendy for spending so much time with me at Aaron brothers and Target and for the Aaron brothers guy wherever you are-great ideas!

For Christmas my BFF Susan gave me that wonderful tile and stand plus a tile for every holiday and one for everday! She knows how much I love my holidays! Thank you thank you!!!

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