Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cupcakes Cupcakes Everywhere

The theme for Kate's birthday is CUPCAKES! When I was pregnant with her in one of my Knitting books One Skein they had knitted cupcakes and I so wanted to make them for her first birthday (remember she wasn't even born yet that's how insane I am) I put it in the back of my head telling myself they were too hard. Anyway I went to Archivers to find stuff for her invitation and of course the only thing I could find was cupcake crap I mean stuff! So I started Knitting cupcakes!
Here is her invite I went with little girls colors purple and pink (light)
This is the picture I took and used on the front of her card
Some of my knitted cupcakes on the cupcake stand on a cupcake placemat! If you want anything cupcakes go to Target they have a ton of stuff!
Than my Grandma Kate's Gigi (great grandma) googled cupcake hat and made Kate this beautiful birthday hat! Thank you Gigi!

Well tomorrow is the big day I will post edible cupcakes with the receipes and pictures of the Party Dress and the rest of the party!


Bob & Jen said...

Heather, you are so incredibly talented. We love getting all your crafty lil' handmade cards. Erin and I saw those lil' cupcake beanies on your blog and we both gasped, "So cute!" I want to place an order for 3 of those lil' beanies!!! Do they just take forever to make? Is that kind of asking a lot??

Bob & Jen said...

And, P.S., I am going to drive over to target for cupcake things RIGHT NOW.

Heather said...

Thank you so much Jen! The hats are actually pretty easy! I am a little obessive, when it comes to birthday parties!