Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day

Sean and his girlfriend Christina. I love seeing him so happy with her! And the handsome Samuel as Dylan calls him!

We went to Grandma and Pops house for Christmas dinner. We had ham, twice baked potatoes, salad, cranberry sauce and rolls. It was very nice to have all my siblings together, minus Audrey she was at Zack's grandmothers house. All in all we had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did as well!

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

We woke up Christmas morning to a lot of snow! I had no idea it was supposed to snow this much! Huge big flakes! We were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to make it to Grandmas house.
Santa brought Dylan lots of Transformers vehicles and a car mat. He also got flannel sheets, an I dog, Stars wars action figures, lincoln logs, a puzzle, headlight, walkie talkies, movies: Polar Express, Transformers and The Muppets Take Manhattan, Jenga, a car Suitcase for all his cars, a race track you hook to the top of a door, transformer watch and gigi made him gloves. hat and scarf
Santa brought Kate the ball popper. She also received a stuffed pony and book That's not my Pony, baby doll, peek a boo blocks, soft blocks with things in the center, the movie Annie, a hand puppet with a book attached a new car seat cover and straps to take over Dylan's car seat, and her very own plate, bowl , cup , spoon, and fork set.
Very lucky kids! Thank you all very much!!!!

The Stockings were Hung...

Today we had a very relaxing day. Marc and Dylan ventured out to the mall for a last minute item and also so Dylan could play on the food so he would take a nap. That evening we went to a very relaxing evening at Marc's parents house where we had dinner and watched a little bit of the very sad Bronco game and two episodes of the Andy Griffith show. It is a tradition in their family to watch a Christmas one and an episode about a spoiled kid. The boys and Kerrie were there and we all had a wonderful time. Once we got home it was hard to calm Dylan down and get him to bed! It was so fun to see that he realized tonight was a special night! Once he was in bed he was out! Santa left us some wonderful things!
For tags this year I copied my friend Sara's Christmas card and stamped their feet green put a sticker star at the heel and put glitter over the rest of the foot to make it look like Christmas trees! We made about 30 and Kate had had enough of me by the time we were done. The sacrifices we make to have cute things! Sorry Kate!

Christmas Eve Eve

Many wonderful memories I have growing up is going to Grandpas house on Christmas Eve to have Mexican food and spend time with all my cousins. This year Aunt Debbie hosted and we had some wonderful Mexican food and some great talents shared amongst family. I wish all of my dads siblings and their families could of been there but it is fun to see the Struths, we live so close but don't really get the chance to be together! I love Christmas for this very reason it is a wonderful time to be with family and see all the love we have for one another.

The Kiester family shared the musical talents with Jessie and Ellen each sharing a song with us and Dan sang while Stefi accompanied everyone. Jon and Rachel serenaded us as did Jake singing his wonderful fast version of Jingle Bells
Brian performed as well- how did all the musical talent end up with the all the Struths?!
Carter and Braden shared a poem about the Candy Cane, Dylan said a little poem and Barbara read two stories. We also celebrated little Heidi's second birthday! It was a very enjoyable evening thank you all very much and I want you to know how much I love you!

Wonderful Friends

On Saturday the 22nd we went to the Yates house to have an early mini Christmas! The kids exchanged gifts- and for an activity we made snow globes. The kids (and Fred and Susan) made snowman out of modeling clay, we baked them and glued them to the lid of a baby food jar added glitter and water and wala a Snow globe!
We are so thankful for having such wonderful friends and even though I wish (quite often) that they were closer I am so glad that they are at least back in Colorado!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Letter

Kate: She was officially 11 months old on December 19th. She has a wonderful personality and I fall more and more in love every day! We call her tiny girl for a reason, she has been borderline off the charts until her last appointment she had gained a whole pound! They want her to gain another pound by her 1st birthday. She finally started doing the army crawl around Thanksgiving and is showing up all over the house when you least expect it. Her best buddy is big brother and next is cats or dogs. She can woof and loves to just look and sometimes place her face in their fur.

Dylan: He is 4 1/2 and an amazing son! He took swimming lessons this summer and passed into the next level after just one session! He is always making us and everyone around him laugh! He has mastered carrying his sister around and enjoys very much having a built in playmate. He is very helpful to me and Marc always helping us with our "chores". He always has an idea to share and is learning so much in school and his primary class.

Marc is a wonderful husband and Dad. He stays very busy working and doing projects around the house. Dylan and him LOVE their playtime and Kate loves screaming at them to remind him that she is here too. There is a good reason why we have a mom and dad I never play the way he does! In his spare time he has picked up fly fishing and enjoys camping with his brothers and the whole family when I am up for it. He threw me a wonderful 30Th party this year and is always giving to us in so many ways!

Heather the mom and wife- I still have all my projects and a new calling the beginning of this year as Enrichment Counselor in the Relief Society which has kept me pretty busy. I love being a mom and wish I could slow time down a little bit. This is my favorite time of year to see all of are friends and family and remember the birth of our Savior. We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep checking up on us-you never know what you will find! We love you all very much!!!

Crazy Hair Day

On Monday Dylan had crazy hair day at school! He was very proud of his hair! Wednesday was pajama day and tomorrow is crazy hat day. He has decided to wear the spider hat from his Halloween costume last year. Every time we fix his hair like this he laughs and says he looks like Derek and I always tell him that he looks like Sean when he had hair! Anyone remember when he would fix his hair like that? Handsome boys!

Homemade Gifts

For Dylan's school friends we made sugar cookies and decorated them to look like Santa. Aunt Debbie showed me how, they are so cute and easy! Especially if you cheat and purchase cookies not frosted so all you have to do is frost. Although I do have an amazing sugar cookie recipe from my sister in law Laurel. I did make my own frosting and Dylan had fun placing the marshmallow for the end of his hat and chocolate chips for eyes and red hot for his nose. While he was doing this he was concerned what the eyebrows were going to be made out of! I told him they were under his hat-quick thinking on my part!

I always try to have some homemade gifts to give to neighbors, friends and family so this summer I canned (with help from my wonderful friend Brenda) dilly beans, tomatoes, beets, (no ewwing unless you have tried them) peaches and of course raspberry pepper jam. I also made 12 pounds of beef jerky and 3 pounds of turkey jerky. This will probably go very fast! It is by far the easiest and best gift this year.

The year Dylan was born all my friends had girls. So it is fun for me to come up with cute homemade girly items. This year I crocheted red and green beads with bells around socks and made curly hair bows. My mother in law found me the directions on Projects for your nest blog under wonderful finds. They were really easy and fun to make. Thank you Jenna and Lilly for being such beautiful models!

Kates Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Night

OK I have been dreading this post-so here goes. My poor little Kate has not been sleeping very well at night since about August. And for any of you who know me I do not do well with out my sleep! Anyway I felt like her ear infection had pretty much cleared so it was time to learn to sleep all night. She had woken up around 1 am and her wonderful Dad went in to try and calm her when I told him to let her be that she needs to work it out. We were not seeing eye to eye and having a "discussion" when we heard the loudest thud. I went running into her room and screamed, "she feel out of her bed!" I picked her up and we were both bawling while Marc was ripping the bed apart and lowering her mattress.

Now I am sure you are thinking that girl is 11 months old why was her mattress still at the infant position? Because I tell you she has never ever even attempted to pull herself up on anything or even stand on her own when you hold her in the standing position. She will always do jelly legs! Anyway I took her to the Doctor and she is totally fine. The Doctor said she probably landed on her feet then onto her back! Lucky girl! SO I have the cutest picture on my cell phone that I need to figure out how to add to my post. The very next day I was filling the bath tub up with water and she pulls herself up on the tub to watch the water! She acts like she has been doing it forever!

The last thing I have to admit (and let it be a lesson to all of you) Not a couple days before this happened I was laying her down for a nap when I thought, This girl is 11 months old we should probably lower her mattress. In one ear and out the other! As Aunt Debbie says Listen to the still small voice listen listen! Lesson learned!

Parade of Lights

So I just remembered that I have not written about The Parade of Lights! We decided last minute to ride the light rail downtown and deal with the cold so we could watch. Uncle Jeff came with us and when it was over we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner where Uncle Steve caught up with us.

We had a very long night! I think we got home close to eleven! Kate was out but Dylan was a trooper and stayed up the whole ride home!

Zoo Lights

Sunday night we went to the zoo lights with my mom Audrey and her BOYFRIEND Zach, Sean and his girlfriend Christina and her daughter Ella. We had a wonderful time! Little cold but worth it!
They had ice sculptures-pretty cool!
The cute couple Zach and Audrey
I know this picture is hard to see my lens was fogging up inside the reptile and fish house, but I had to capture this moment. The two perfect bald heads! I love my family so much and love seeing them interact with my kids! Dylan and Kate love them so much!

Christmas Parties

Friday night Dylan's preschool had a wonderful Christmas Party for the entire family! They had food, tons of crafts, a show put on by the kids and of course Santa!
Kate did not quite know what to think about him! The lighting was non existence so I did not get any good photos of Dylan singing his heart out! The next day Marc and I took his parents to White Christmas at the Buell Theater for their Christmas present. We barely made it on time because I was back at the doctors for Kate's ears and it took forever!! That night Audrey came over and watched my kids so Marc and I could attend our white elephant party. It was tons of fun. We brought a Dukes of Hazard DVD (the original episodes of course) and some candy. We came home with the coolest winter hat and bingo dobbers.



Ok so I have been a terrible blogger lately! I want this to be my journaling especially since I found a website that will turn your blogs into a book!

I am sure most of you know this but it was very exciting for me. Anyway it seems like almost every day I think oh I need to write about that in my blog. So you are going to get about a weeks worth of posts in one night! Pull up a chair relax and enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mother Daughter Bond

This is my friend Brenda and her Daughter Linzie. They called me in a panic the other day wanting to do a Christmas card with a picture so off we went! It was a cold and sunny day, but I think we got a couple good ones! You guys are beautiful!

Friday, December 7, 2007


So this morning Marc and I went to Dylan's Parent teacher conference. Dylan is excelling in everything! Marc kept asking his teacher Miss. Valerie what we could do at home to help him and she told us we were doing pretty good. I was curious if he was a disruptive student and she said he is obedient and very aware of his classmates and their needs. There are only two girls in his class and he enjoys making Erica laugh and is always talking about her! Dylan understands basic addition and is recognizing more letters every week. We are so proud of him and enjoy watching him love school and all his new experiences.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My tiny Girl

So on October 23 I took Kate to the Doctor for her nine month appointment. She weighed 16# 2.5 oz and was 26 1/2 in long. Her weight was in the 10% and length 20%. Her head circumference was 60%. She had only gained less than 1# since her last appointment on July 30th. (They like them to gain 3#) So on November 27th we were back at the doctor to see if she improved at all. Of course not! She is now borderline almost off the charts! (She falls between 10 and 5%, but only for height and weight)! So the doctor came in and went over with me all the fattening things I should be feeding her especially now that she is doing the army crawl and burning more calories. I am supposed to put syrup and butter on her blueberry pancakes, give her sausage, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, avocados and I am to start introducing whole milk at 11 months. I am not very worried, she sure looks healthy and the doctor said she was just going to be one of those girls she doesn't like because she can eat anything and not gain a pound! So at the end of the appointment the doctor was giving her an exam and I mentioned that since about August she can not leave her ears alone and I told the other Dr. at her last appointment and he said he couldn't see anything. So she looked and said there was a ton of wax making it hard to see, so she got it out and guess what she found two full blown ear infections! That explains so much! The horrible nights of screaming and not being consolable! Now Kate is on an antibiotic and we will see in January how she is doing!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Tree

This is the one we chose for us, the one beneath is the one I chose for my mom.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did! We went to the Schafers out in Elizabeth and had a wonderful time! The Saturday after Thanksgiving we all drove to Frasier (just through Winter park) to cut down our Charlie Brown tree. It was very cold but the sun was out and very little wind so not to bad. It is a perfect weekend to go because the site is not "officially" open so very little people.