Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kates Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Night

OK I have been dreading this post-so here goes. My poor little Kate has not been sleeping very well at night since about August. And for any of you who know me I do not do well with out my sleep! Anyway I felt like her ear infection had pretty much cleared so it was time to learn to sleep all night. She had woken up around 1 am and her wonderful Dad went in to try and calm her when I told him to let her be that she needs to work it out. We were not seeing eye to eye and having a "discussion" when we heard the loudest thud. I went running into her room and screamed, "she feel out of her bed!" I picked her up and we were both bawling while Marc was ripping the bed apart and lowering her mattress.

Now I am sure you are thinking that girl is 11 months old why was her mattress still at the infant position? Because I tell you she has never ever even attempted to pull herself up on anything or even stand on her own when you hold her in the standing position. She will always do jelly legs! Anyway I took her to the Doctor and she is totally fine. The Doctor said she probably landed on her feet then onto her back! Lucky girl! SO I have the cutest picture on my cell phone that I need to figure out how to add to my post. The very next day I was filling the bath tub up with water and she pulls herself up on the tub to watch the water! She acts like she has been doing it forever!

The last thing I have to admit (and let it be a lesson to all of you) Not a couple days before this happened I was laying her down for a nap when I thought, This girl is 11 months old we should probably lower her mattress. In one ear and out the other! As Aunt Debbie says Listen to the still small voice listen listen! Lesson learned!

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