Friday, December 28, 2007

The Stockings were Hung...

Today we had a very relaxing day. Marc and Dylan ventured out to the mall for a last minute item and also so Dylan could play on the food so he would take a nap. That evening we went to a very relaxing evening at Marc's parents house where we had dinner and watched a little bit of the very sad Bronco game and two episodes of the Andy Griffith show. It is a tradition in their family to watch a Christmas one and an episode about a spoiled kid. The boys and Kerrie were there and we all had a wonderful time. Once we got home it was hard to calm Dylan down and get him to bed! It was so fun to see that he realized tonight was a special night! Once he was in bed he was out! Santa left us some wonderful things!
For tags this year I copied my friend Sara's Christmas card and stamped their feet green put a sticker star at the heel and put glitter over the rest of the foot to make it look like Christmas trees! We made about 30 and Kate had had enough of me by the time we were done. The sacrifices we make to have cute things! Sorry Kate!

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