Thursday, December 20, 2007

Homemade Gifts

For Dylan's school friends we made sugar cookies and decorated them to look like Santa. Aunt Debbie showed me how, they are so cute and easy! Especially if you cheat and purchase cookies not frosted so all you have to do is frost. Although I do have an amazing sugar cookie recipe from my sister in law Laurel. I did make my own frosting and Dylan had fun placing the marshmallow for the end of his hat and chocolate chips for eyes and red hot for his nose. While he was doing this he was concerned what the eyebrows were going to be made out of! I told him they were under his hat-quick thinking on my part!

I always try to have some homemade gifts to give to neighbors, friends and family so this summer I canned (with help from my wonderful friend Brenda) dilly beans, tomatoes, beets, (no ewwing unless you have tried them) peaches and of course raspberry pepper jam. I also made 12 pounds of beef jerky and 3 pounds of turkey jerky. This will probably go very fast! It is by far the easiest and best gift this year.

The year Dylan was born all my friends had girls. So it is fun for me to come up with cute homemade girly items. This year I crocheted red and green beads with bells around socks and made curly hair bows. My mother in law found me the directions on Projects for your nest blog under wonderful finds. They were really easy and fun to make. Thank you Jenna and Lilly for being such beautiful models!

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Atif said...

the decoration sugar cookies are fantastic,love he pictures looking too much pretty.
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