Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My tiny Girl

So on October 23 I took Kate to the Doctor for her nine month appointment. She weighed 16# 2.5 oz and was 26 1/2 in long. Her weight was in the 10% and length 20%. Her head circumference was 60%. She had only gained less than 1# since her last appointment on July 30th. (They like them to gain 3#) So on November 27th we were back at the doctor to see if she improved at all. Of course not! She is now borderline almost off the charts! (She falls between 10 and 5%, but only for height and weight)! So the doctor came in and went over with me all the fattening things I should be feeding her especially now that she is doing the army crawl and burning more calories. I am supposed to put syrup and butter on her blueberry pancakes, give her sausage, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, avocados and I am to start introducing whole milk at 11 months. I am not very worried, she sure looks healthy and the doctor said she was just going to be one of those girls she doesn't like because she can eat anything and not gain a pound! So at the end of the appointment the doctor was giving her an exam and I mentioned that since about August she can not leave her ears alone and I told the other Dr. at her last appointment and he said he couldn't see anything. So she looked and said there was a ton of wax making it hard to see, so she got it out and guess what she found two full blown ear infections! That explains so much! The horrible nights of screaming and not being consolable! Now Kate is on an antibiotic and we will see in January how she is doing!


Susan said...

super cute sweater! (he, he)

Heather said...

poor little girl!

Anne Hillstead said...

Our girls' size must be in the jeans... :) Ash is completely off the charts at 4 years old and only 24 pounds.... we've tried it all (Ensure drinks!) and she gets taller but never thicker. Oh well, I can definately think of worse things. How are her ears? Love you girl!