Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Every year I start talking about Halloween with Dylan in August. I really wanted to do a team costume because I figure it won't be long before they have their own ideas! Anyway we had decided on Woody and Jesse from toy story and one day Dylan said, "I think I want to be Aladdin for Halloween". So out went the toy story idea and in came Abu and Aladdin. I searched for an Aladdin costume and/or a pattern and ended up buying a pattern on ebay! My wonderful mom sewed it for me and made a tiny version of the hat and vest for Kate! When Dylan tried his costume on for the first time he said, "this is the best costume ever!"
This was just their Halloween outfits they wore throughout the month. Kate is wearing baby legs another one of my crazy obsessions! She has five pairs! They are awesome because they are like leg warmers and will fit her for a while- they come in one size and on their website even adults wear them or they put them on toddlers arms with short sleeved shirts.
SCARY DYLAN! Tonight Gigi, Papa, Grandma, pops, Audrey, Sam and one of Sam's friends came over for a chili dinner my mom made and trick or treating. Lots of fun!
Tonight I was feeling very sad that Ben and Hannah had moved to Highlands Ranch because that meant they weren't just around the corner from us. I was (and Dylan too) so happy when they showed up for a few minutes. They sure love each other!


Erin said...

Best costumes ever! So cute. I was thinking about getting baby legs for Petrea, I'm glad to know you like them. Did you get them online?

heather said...

I did not- I found a store in Denver that carries them for the same price as on line so I just bought them there. I think Marc likes them even more than me- easier than tights when getting her dressed!

Anne Hillstead said...

OK-- Ginie and Abu?! To die for.

Anne Hillstead said...

Ok, just read your note about the costumes, I meant Aladdin and Abu! :) Love it.