Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I can not express clearly enough how happy I am that it is a new week! Last week was very crazy especially the end! I love Halloween and want my kids to have lots of fun with their friends and activities so on Tuesday we had a bunch of girls and their kids over from the ward for a little party-thankfully the weather was the gorgeous so we had fun playing outside. A lot of the kids are younger than Dylan so we had a little "experiment" with green sherbet and sprite. It makes a very frothy bubbly yummy drink! And for a project each kid made their own dirt. You layer vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip, crushed oreos, chocolate pudding mixed with cool whip, crushed oreo and top with a gummy worm! It is so good.
Wednesday Dylan had his party at school and we brought the little hot dogs rolled up in dough with almond slivers to make it look like toe nails. After school we went to the Rocky Mtn. Arsenal to learn about owls and got to dissect an owl pellet. It was very cool! That evening people came over and we went trick or treating. I think this is the first year in a long time that it was not snowing or raining.
Now for the stressful part- I had super Saturday on Saturday and had a lot of things I needed to do for it (of course)! And to top it off at 5 pm on Thursday I looked at Dylan and he was covered in hives from his head to his toes! I am not a panicky mom but I panicked! My little Dyl has never been to the doctor for anything except his well checks- but they just said to give him benadryl every 6 hours and to watch him. When he woke up Saturday morning they were gone. My Super Saturday went fairly smoothly, have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is? Well he is!! He watched these kids all day Saturday ordered us dinner that night because of course I came home exhausted! And Sunday afternoon he had them again because I went out to lunch with two wonderful friends to celebrate my birthday. Monday I cleaned my house top to bottom and did tons of laundry so now I feel in control again, for now?!


Anne Hillstead said...

Girl friend. I suck. Happy Birthday to the cousin I love. I really do! And I am so sorry I missed it. I am so sad also that we don't live close anymore because I just know that our kids would be GREAT friend and you and I would be inseperable! The things you wrote about doing for Halloween week sounded so fun, we would have loved to be there. I even would have joined you for Super Saturday. Oh, the good old days of those short 9 months together. They were great, weren't they? I am feeling the need to visit Denver sometime this year. I will make it a priority with the New Year to come see you all. I love you, your kids are darling. Anne

heather said...

Thank you so much Anne! We miss you guys too! I have more stories about all the fun tnings we did together- I can not believe it was only nine months! We would love to have you come visit or maybe plan a little vacation to meet somewhere! I love you lots! Heather