Sunday, October 21, 2007


I couldn't just talk about myself, turning thirty and all- so I included Kate turning 9 months old!
First of all I had a wonderful birthday! Marc had some of my friends over and everyone brought wonderful food and we all just stuffed ourselves and chatted! Then on a whim Mollie had a business convention in Vail so me and the kids joined her for a relaxing weekend of lounging, ordering room service and enjoying the scenery!
She wasn't quite sure of the material and has been pretty grumpy lately, but I think they turned out all right!

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Anne Hillstead said...

Turned out alright?! They are to DIE for! You take awesome pictures. I love them. She is seriously and female version of Dylan. It is crazy to me. I miss you guys, can't wait for the day when I meet little Kate and see you again! Love you lots. Love the blog too, now we will keep in better touch!! Anne