Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Every year I start talking about Halloween with Dylan in August. I really wanted to do a team costume because I figure it won't be long before they have their own ideas! Anyway we had decided on Woody and Jesse from toy story and one day Dylan said, "I think I want to be Aladdin for Halloween". So out went the toy story idea and in came Abu and Aladdin. I searched for an Aladdin costume and/or a pattern and ended up buying a pattern on ebay! My wonderful mom sewed it for me and made a tiny version of the hat and vest for Kate! When Dylan tried his costume on for the first time he said, "this is the best costume ever!"
This was just their Halloween outfits they wore throughout the month. Kate is wearing baby legs another one of my crazy obsessions! She has five pairs! They are awesome because they are like leg warmers and will fit her for a while- they come in one size and on their website even adults wear them or they put them on toddlers arms with short sleeved shirts.
SCARY DYLAN! Tonight Gigi, Papa, Grandma, pops, Audrey, Sam and one of Sam's friends came over for a chili dinner my mom made and trick or treating. Lots of fun!
Tonight I was feeling very sad that Ben and Hannah had moved to Highlands Ranch because that meant they weren't just around the corner from us. I was (and Dylan too) so happy when they showed up for a few minutes. They sure love each other!

Carving Pumpkins

Kate was fascinated with the candle in the pumpkin and Dylan was very concerned for her!

The night before Halloween we had two pumpkins to carve. Kate loved hugging them and squealing! After Marc cut the top off the first one he told Dylan to start pulling the seeds out, he put his hand in barely touching the seeds and refused saying it was too slimy! Uncle Steve came over and carved one as well. They are so creative I only think basic! Very fun year, Dylan is loving everything about Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For those of you who know me I find something I want and I think about it until I have it,(well not everything)! So Susan was given an Orchid and I fell in love! SO she so kindly gave me one for watching her kids one weekend. Isn't it beautiful! Now I am trying to learn as much as I can about Orchids so I can have it bloom again! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Next obsession: Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook Deceptively Delicious-more to come!

Mom, I want my OWN Dog

So last week my parents were in Hawaii and we had a house guest for the week. Oscar was very good and loved all the attention he received from Dylan and Kate (although he is probably deaf from all her screaming)! Every day Dylan would feed Oscar his breakfast and dinner, let him outside whenever he wanted and played with him. On the way to the airport to pick everyone up Oscar was in Dylan's lap and he says to me, "Mom I took such good care of Oscar this week but I really want my very own dog". After having Oscar for a week (and he was really good) I told Marc I was secretly happy that we did not have a dog right now. One day Dylan will get his very own dog, probably sooner than later but for now he will have to borrow Oscar!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ben Turns 7

Wow I can not believe that little Ben is seven! We took these pictures of him today, he is such a handsome boy! (once we get him to not smile so goofy)! He is missing both his front teeth, it is so much fun to watch him grow and learn. He is in first grade and every time we go to his house I love seeing all the signs he has drawn and written on to hang on the doors! Him and Hannah were so cute on my birthday each making me birthday cards! It made me feel so good! Thanks again Ben and Hannah and I love you lots! Hope you had a great birthday Ben!


We LOVE living so close to our cousins! We took this picture to do a combined Thanksgiving card together! Cute Huh? If you receive a card be surprised!
Kate loves being surrounded by big people! She loves watching everyone and Hannah loves trying to help her! We had to keep our eyes on her because she so wanted Kate to lay on a pillow and would grab her head at her ears and yank her whole body-Kate no like that!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

More of Kate

I have a really hard time just showing one picture! One of these will end up being her 9 month picture to hang on the wall. It is so much fun having a little girl! I hope she enjoys girly things when she grows up!


I couldn't just talk about myself, turning thirty and all- so I included Kate turning 9 months old!
First of all I had a wonderful birthday! Marc had some of my friends over and everyone brought wonderful food and we all just stuffed ourselves and chatted! Then on a whim Mollie had a business convention in Vail so me and the kids joined her for a relaxing weekend of lounging, ordering room service and enjoying the scenery!
She wasn't quite sure of the material and has been pretty grumpy lately, but I think they turned out all right!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kitchen Remodel

So this is one of my projects. Tutu had this old metal high chair that was yellow and the tray was all scratched up and a little rusty. So with the help of my dad I stripped all the paint off spray painted it red and recovered the seat and back with oil cloth. I treated the rust and used appliance spray paint on the tray. I think it came out cute!
Over labor day weekend Marc and I got ambitious and painted the kids room and a wall in my kitchen. I love Red and I am very happy how it turned out. About a year ago Marc replaced the white linoleum with a dark grey tile which I love. He also did a back splash behind my sink!

First Day of School

So it is offical Dylan is in preschool! He started on September 5th and attends the Englewood rec center Mon, Wed, and Fri from 9-12. His buddy Owen is in his class. He is enjoying it very much! It is amazing how much he is learning! All the songs and activities and his letters! I had been working with him before school started and he could of cared less about writing his name and recognizing letters, it helps that he has kids his age around him learning the same thing. Once a month they go to the library to hear story time and check out books-He got his very own library card! They also go on random field trips as well. His teacher is Miss Valerie and he really enjoys her. There is only one girl in his class with 11 boys but she seems to not mind.

Estes Park

First with every new entry I am going to also do an old entry to get caught up on some things.

So yesterday after church we went to Estes Park to watch and hear the Elks bugling. It was rainy and cold but we had a lot of fun. Uncle T-bone (Kevin) went with us. The colors were beautiful and you get to be so close to these beautiful animals! Dylan was watching out the back of the car with the tail gate up and he did his own bugling call and got a couple responses! The really close up picture was an elk that had been on the left hand side of the street with all his girls and on the right hand side there was one male and three females. The big guy on the left was bugling to the girls on the right and no one was listening so he bolted across the street right in front of our car! There is a picture of Kevin and Dylan enjoying the stream, Kevin and Marc are into fishing and Dylan is following in their footsteps!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Ok, I have crossed over into the blogging world! I have really enjoyed checking all my friends blogs and you all have inspired me! I am going to be posting a lot over the next few days to "catch up" on all the things I have wanted to post! Enjoy!