Sunday, November 18, 2007


My friend Tiffany blew into town this weekend for another friends surprise party and kindly made time for the rest of us, even though it was short I laughed sooooo hard I had tears running down my face! Tiff has a magical way of telling stories that I can repeat and never get the same response that she does! Doesn't it feel so good to just laugh!? I miss you lots Tiff and thanks for filling my laugh quota for the month! Please Keep in touch! Don't I have beautiful friends? From left Brenda, Tiff and myself. Mollie was the wonderful photographer and we were at Katrinas house celebrating her birthday! Looking back on the evening I wish I would of pulled out my camers while we were all laughing and enjoying each others company-next time huh? Thank you all for the wonderful evening without children!

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