Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Day

We had a busy morning today. Got Dylan to his last day of school for spring break, came home got Kate and I ready picked him back up to take him to a new pediatric dentist that is in the building I work in. We arrived early and Dylan had his first xrays taken and thought that was pretty cool. He went right on back with the hygienist and wanted me to wait in the waiting room. Everything is great no cavities and Kate's teeth look awesome as well.

I switched Dentists to try and save us a little money. Being in the dental field we do not have insurance so a lot of Dentists give professional discounts and as sad as I am to leave our current Dentists we were only getting 10% off which has been nice but I thought I would just try these guys and hope for more. I went to make him his next app. and pulled out my wallet to pay and they did not charge me anything! I was shocked! I thought maybe 30% off! I teared up a little bit so nice and we so appreciate it!

My mom had meet us there (her day off) and we headed over to have lunch at Chili's. It had been a fun and productive morning and when we got back to school Dylan was so excited! He said this had been the funnest day ever and ran off to show his class his extra set of xrays they gave him so he could keep them.

The day continues to get busier! Poor Kate will probably only get about a n hour and a half nap and then off to Warren's house she will go so I can help at Dylan's school for the book fair and then we have student led parent teacher conferences. I am excited to see what Dylan has been learning and how they do this. It is an adventure for all of us!

I have a lot of fun things planned for spring break next week if any one wants to join let me know! I am so thankful for kind and generous people and for my sweet Dylan how the littlest things can totally make his day! I hope he will remember his childhood and continue to be such a happy go lucky kid!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Helper

Weird pictures I know but what my tiny girl did brought tears to my eyes! I was in the shower and Kate was finishing up her oatmeal by herself in the kitchen. I got out and we had to rush to get out the door. I went into the kitchen to make sure she finished and I could not find her bowl anywhere! I immediately thought that d*** dog got up on my table and took off with her bowl! We left the house and later that afternoon after I had laid Kate down for a nap I went to load dishes in an empty dishwasher and I found this! My 2 year old had loaded the dishes all by herself! What a thoughtful good girl! I know two pictures are a little over kill but what can I say I am a proud Mama!

Happy (late) St. Patricks Day

We love Holidays especially when we are dictated on what to wear and what to eat! The weather here has been amazing in the 70s! Lots of trips to the park and playing outside! Friday we had Marc's family over for corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots. I also made a blue cheese fondue dip that was very good! Wendy made rolls and Grandma and Kerrie made a yummy dessert! We had lots of fun! Dylan is so proud that he can jump off the porch and touch our flag!
Don't you just love Kate's hairbow? At 5 the night before St Patty's day I called a friend and asked her if she would make me a felt shamrock so at 10 that night I was picking it up and glueing it on to a clip! I am a little nuts I know! Thank you so much Steph you are the best! I owe you one!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little things

On the way to church yesterday Dylan says to me, "Mom I hope Kate always stays little" when I asked him why he said, "because whenever Kate sees anyone she waves at them and smiles with her tongue sticking out!"

These are the moments I have been meaning to write down so hopefully I will be posting more frequently with all the little things that happen around here!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hats!! made with love from Gigi

Another photoshop lesson. I am going to print this on a matboard and it will have the white borders around. I love the middle picture of the two of them. It took all of 5 minutes to get these pictures, such good kids!