Saturday, January 24, 2009


I feel the bathinette deserves its on post. This was one of my obsessions the past year. We were at Debbie's house and she pulled out a bathinette that she had gotten in Germany of course! I started searching the Internet for one and did not have any luck. About a week before Kate's birthday I decided that we could make it. We meaning my parents and myself. I had my mom pick up the one from Debbie's house so my dad could look at it to see if he could make the frame. Long story short we ended up at Home Depot and the fabric store. The hardest part was figuring out how to make the tub part. I love this because it folds up and stores so easily. Kate loves it because she is obsessed with water. After the party we filled it up and Kate and Dylan had a ball. She needs to work on keeping the water in the tub but it was fun!
That is her new water baby- she floats and dries very quickly. She is the baby tidoo by Carolle.

The tiny girl after a very busy but fun day!

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