Thursday, January 19, 2012


Things we love about Kate!
1. She loves to help out around the house or with anything as long as she is with us!
2. She has such a wonderful imagination! I love listening to her play!
3. She has a creative ability of working in odd words she hears into her vocab ex. when she is mad yelling out "I am so fired up!" Where did she get that from Marc?
4. She is extremely honest in everything! Might be just her age but man she just says whatever she is thinking with out any hesitation.
5. She loves to sing and dance! She was so excited that she had ballet class on her birthday! Some favorite music these days are: Annie, Sound of Music, Wicked, anything from Glee and of course all the Disney Princess Movies

We love you so much Kate and we are incredibly thankful to have your sweet loving face with us everyday! You bring so many smiles to all around you!

I had made this dress before we went to Utah with the vision in my head of getting her pictures taken in Utah with all the great buildings painted in such fun colors! I also knew that if I did not have the picture before Christmas I would never get the invites out in time! So excited with how they turned out! I did them in my new Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and had them printed at Kinkos so I could get them the same day! On the left of the picture I sewed 3 layers of the party crepe paper and frayed them. Where do my children learn to pose?!

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