Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a very busy Valentine's Day Weekend! On Thursday I was at work when Audrey received a phone call from the school informing us that Dylan was not feeling well. I raced over and sure enough he was very pale but also very sad he could not attend his Valentines Day class party. We got home and had him snuggle on the couch with a movie, I ran at 3 to collect his valentines and shortly after I got home he threw up all over the couch! I am not so prepared at this throw up thing since I have only done it myself twice that I can remember! So after a lecture from Marc and a good scrubbing of the sofa Dylan was back on it with a bucket right next to him. In the meantime I was feeling very frazzled I was suppose to leave in the morning to go to Utah to visit Tracie for the weekend. As you can imagine I was worried that we would be up all night, Kate or Marc would get it or I could get it and having to travel that would suck.

Dylan was in bed by 9 after having only two more barfs and slept all through the night! Audrey kindly came over and spent the night so we would not have to drag the kids to the airport at 7am- (and to be on standby in case others got sick)! I made it to Utah just barely on the second flight-I was starting to think my trip would be canceled :(

Friday night we went to dinner with Tracie's parents and off to the Gymnastics meet, then rode the Trax to see Valentines Day (Loved it) than found out Trax quits running at 11:15 (only in Utah)! so called a cab to get back to our car. Saturday was spent shopping shopping shopping! It is so nice to go without our rugrats and Utah has some sweet fabric stores! Sunday (Valentine's Day) Tracie made us heart shaped pancakes and her parents came by with homemade turtles packed up so cute with a lip gloss tied to it! We spent the day trying to get a little more organized for when her house sells but I think I left her in a bigger mess! Derek and Carly along with Tracie's parents came over for a wonderful dinner of chicken chili and a yummy spinach salad. Monday we did a little more shopping before heading to the airport (which I got on the first flight but it was a little delayed). Thank you Tracie you are a wonderful host and I loved seeing you and Duncan!

Marc and the kids had a great weekend as well. Kate had dance Sat. morning they went to Chuck E Cheese and on Sunday to Marc's parents house for dinner and Talladgea (no idea how to spell that)! I was happy to be home and I think I was missed a tiny bit...

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