Sunday, October 19, 2008

Estes Park

We had our annual trip to Estes Park to hear the Elk buguling. It is so neat to see these animals so close and watch how they interact with each other. As the sun started setting we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park to park our cars and see hundreds of them and hear them calling each other. We were there well pass dark listening and tail gating. My parents had come and Mom made yummy chili and Marc made hot chocolate. Kevin and Robin came as well and Audrey and Sam. Lots of fun!

We have never seen them swim before!

Dylan was a little grumpy with me because I wanted to get a family picture and he was getting cold!

I feel like I have not gotten very many pictures of Kate and all her lovely expressions! She is such an entertaining little girl! All DRAMA!

This is the best we could do... Oh well we we'll have to try again before Christmas!

Now he decides to ham it up!

Ok, Sam is either really tall or I am really short?! Let's hope it is the first!

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa!

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Susan said...

Cute pic's! I can't believe how blonde Kate's hair looks. Cute, cute.