Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Busy...

I can not believe it has been a whole month since I have last posted. We have been extremely busy so let me catch up.

I was called the end of August from a good friend Brenda that I used to work with at the oral surgeons office. She was very desperate in needing some help so I volunteered to go in about 10 times in September. I am now "working" for them on a permanent basis at least every other Wednesday and when ever they are short staffed. It is so funny how things happen I was not even looking or wishing to have extra money but here I am.

I do not know how moms working full time do it! It is hard trying to juggle everything! For September I could go in after I dropped Dylan off at school and my good friend Lindsay had just mentioned to me how she wished she could get a little part time job before she has her baby in October, so I asked her if she would watch Kate and I was so happy so agreed! She is a wonderful mommy and Kate had so much fun with her and Calvin. In fact on Friday I got to her house and Calvin saw me walking up to the door and started yelling my name and the next thing I know Kate is yelling and I am getting excited to see her when I walk in the door she looked at me and yelled NO and ran to Lindsay and would not come to me! I guess she is a lot funner (is that a word?) than me. Starting next month Marc is going to take Dylan to school on Wednesdays and my mom offered to watch Kate and to meet me at the office in the morning because I will need to be there by 7:30. After school Dylan is going to go to a friends house and on my off weeks her two boys are going to come to my house after school to play.

The beginning of the month was a touch crazy. Dylan started Soccer and has practice two nights a week and games on Saturday. He is having a blast-8 kids on a time 2 boys and 6 girls! We watched some friends kids for a week from the third to the ninth with the weekend off. I woke up on the third around 4:30 am with the worst stomach ache and tried to will myself to go back to bed. At six there was a knock at the door, India and Ezra had arrived so I got up and pushed myself to get two kids ready for school. Marc took them and by the time he got back I had an appointment at my Dr.s office. Long morning short I had a cluster of cysts on my ovary that were bursting and causing the pain. Apparently there is nothing to do for this so I got sent home with pain pills and went to bed. Thank goodness for Audrey who came to mine and Marc's rescue! She came right over and took care of me, picked India and Dylan up from school did dinner and everything else until Friday night while I just laid in bed listening to the chaos. I feel much better now but I have been very tired this month.

In any spare time I made invites for a baby shower I helped to host for Lindsay ( I will post pictures they turned out so cute)! Made a nightgown for Lilly and her new baby for her bday, and working on things to hopefully sell in my Etsy store. I have knitted some booties, lots of hair snap clips, and knitted some flowers to turn into clips. Wendy and I got together for one day and made 60 empanidas to put in our freezer and like 75 mini meatballs each to stock our freezers with good food when we have no time.

Marc and I went on a real date finally! We went to dinner and to Avenue Q. It was a wonderful night and I laughed so hard. I had a girl's night one night and we went to the sing along Mama Mia- lots of fun! Four of us went and then one other girl was in the theater and that was it!

Here are just some random things I want to mention:
Kate got her first haircut
Dylan has scored in all his games (not necessarily in his net...)
Stake Fair at the church was fun
Dylan had a Fun Run at school to earn money
He had individual pictures at school already
His school had Math night where we had a pizza dinner and played games around the gym and we had Movie night at the school while parents could attend the first PTSA meeting.
Book Club we read Persuasion by Jane Austen and The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy ( really good)
Dylan had his first field trip and I got to join him while Audrey watched Kate. We went to a Park to find signs off fall and collect things off the ground. It was fun to be with the other kids in his class and see him with everyone.
Our ward already had their Primary Program and I always love this Sunday. The kids are so cute and Dylan said his part so well and I could hear him singing he was so loud!

Hope I did not bore anyone to much! I can not believe how the days just fly by and how much busier we seem to be and Dylan is gone from 8- 3 five days a week! I promise I will upload some pictures real soon! I have not been using my camera as much as I would like because I really really need a new lens, hint hint my birthday is just around the corner but I also really want a bike with a trailer hmmmm. Hope all is well with everyone!

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