Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best Friends

Our dear fiends Tracie and Paige came to visit us for the first week in June. We had so much fun! We went to the zoo on a cool day and got some of these pictures in front of their beautiful roses. Tracie is a closet expert in gardening and planting and helped me plant my tiny garden, which we planted two tomato plants one grape and one beefsteak, one bell pepper, 4 strawberry, cilantro and basil. (my basil is doing amazing is anyone wants any)! We also planted 3 rose bushes two of which I received for mother's day from my parents. We also put some things in the bed with my aspens ans planted a hanging basket and pot for my front porch! They all look amazing!
This shows how small my Dylan is and how big Paige is! Her birthday is July and just turning 5!

Tracie and Paige- such a beautiful mom and daughter! Tracie you are a wonderful mom, thanks for being such a great friend! Little background about how we met, they were living in my neighborhood for two years and we met at the park, didn't know each other very long but totally clicked and have stayed in touch and make lots of visits!

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